Knowledge sharing

Sharing our cultural knowledge

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From storytelling to yarning, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and wisdom is shared widely and intergenerationally.

Sharing our knowledge

Knowledge sharing is an important part of how our community thrives.

Our Centre of Excellence provides access to authoritative cultural knowledge and data from leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars, practice leaders and theorists to inform and support changes in child protection policy and practice.

We are committed to sharing and translating knowledge into practical tools for change that will result in lasting positive impact on children and families across Queensland – and beyond.

Report themes

Understand the data

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s over-representation in out of home care has increased in every state and territory over the last 10 years in Queensland it is 8.5 times more likely than non-Indigenous children to be in care.

Over 20% of all referrals to Family Wellbeing Services are self referrals – our families seek help when culturally strong and safe options are available.

Only 16% of funding in Child Protection is directed towards early intervention services with over 84% of funding going to removal – we need to reverse this trend.

Can your knowledge help us?
If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge, contact the CoE Team.