Chief Investigators and Authors:

Chief investigators: Garth Morgan and Candice Butler

Authors: Paul Testro; Dr John Prince; Lisa Hillan



In 2019, QATSCIPP was funded to establish a Centre of Excellence. The role of the Centre is to establish and embed best practices in policy, program and service delivery to significantly improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in Queensland. One of the first priorities set in establishing the Centre of Excellence was to identify a foundational evidence base to guide development.

Initial discussions indicated that there were a number of knowledge bases that contribute to the existing evidence base including rights-based approaches, trauma and healing, and child protection (both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and mainstream). While Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family support policy, program and practice has been informed by these knowledge bases there appears to have been limited efforts to bring these together to create a comprehensive and integrated evidence base.